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  • Material :
  • Steel Aluminum ABS
  • Sign :
  • Exit Running Man
  • Style :
  • Combo Emergency Only Exit Only
  • Release Time :
  • Before This Year
What is Exit Sign
A device in a public facility (such as a building, aircraft or boat) denoting the location of the closest emergency exit in case of fire or other emergency. Most relevant codes (fire, building, health or safety) require exit signs to be permanently lit.
Liteharbor Exit Sign Light Type
Exit Signs
Thermoplastic LED Exit Signs
Edge Lit Exit Signs
Wet Location & Nema 4X Signs
Vandal Proof Exit Signs
Canadian Approved Exit Signs
Cast Aluminum Exit Signs
Steel Exit Signs
Custom Exit Signs
Emergency Light
Thermoplastic Emergency Lights
Wet Location Emergency Lights
Steel Indoor Emergency Lights
Exit and Emergency Combo
Non Electrical Exit Signs
Self-Luminous Exit Signs
Photoluminescent Exit Signs
Advantage of Liteharbor Electrical Exit 
Efficient - consumes less than 5 watts of electricity
Affordable - models begin at less than $20
Reliable - powerful battery backup systems
Long term solution - 8 to 10 year lifespan
Multiple Material- Affordable thermoplastic, durable cast aluminum, and upscale Edge-Lit models.
Wide Voltage Input- 120 or 277v AC electrical power input
Letter-red or green
Face-Single or double sided
Battery Backup-Available
Emergency Time-90 minutes
Installation Hardware- All installation hardware is included 
Advantage of Liteharbor Non-Electrical Exit 
Completely non-electrical - eliminates operating costs
Universal - can be used in wet or dry environments
Reliable - tritium gas provides constant illumination
Efficient - no batteries, bulbs, or maintenance duties
Long term solution - up to 20 year lifespan
Letter-Red or Green
Mounting- Self powered exit sign can be top, side or back mounted
Life Time- Last up to 20 years, eliminating replacement costs
Self-powered exit signs are fire-tested and rated to exceed safety standards in every state, meaning you don't ever have to think twice about the visibility of the product. If you are looking for something that can withstand all kinds of abuse and never lose power, we urge you to check out these popular exit signs today.

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