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  • Construction :
  • IC Airtight IC Non-IC Remodel New Construction
  • Lamp :
  • PAR38 Recessed Downlight PAR30 Recessed Downlight PAR20 Recessed Downlight PAR16 Recessed Downlight GU10 Recessed Downlight MR16 Recessed Downlight
  • Light Source :
  • HID Fluorescent LED
  • Aperture Size :
  • 6 inch 5 inch 4 inch 3.5 inch 3 inch
  • Release Time :
  • Before This Year
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A: What is recessed downlight?
Q: A recessed light or downlight or recessed downlight (also called pot light in Canadian market, sometimes called can light in American market) is a light fixture that is installed into a hollow opening in a ceiling. "Pot light" or "can light" implies the hole is circular and the lighting fixture is cylindrical, like a pot or can.

A: What about Liteharbor recessed downlight?
Q: Liteharbor recessed downlight major exports to the North American market.
Liteharbor recessed downlight have three different styles, one is traditional recessed downlight, there are three parts to a traditional recessed lighting fixture: recessed downlight housing, recessed downlight trim and bulb. Another is Recessed downlight housing use with LED Retrofit downlight. The third one is LED recessed downlight, the lamp use LED Light source and with good radiator. The latter two are very popular in recent years and LED recessed downlight is generally for high-end application, perfect for project lighting.
Most of Liteharbor recessed downlights are ETL listed for American and Canadian market.

A: What’s the type of Liteharbor recessed downlight housing?
Q: There are four different types to Liteharbor recessed downlight.

IC Rated New Construction Recessed downlight , Non-IC New construction recessed downlight, IC Rated remodel recessed downlight, Non-IC remodel recessed downlight. The housing can also be "Air Tight".

For LED recessed downlight, there are two types, trimmed downlights and trimless downlights( also called flangeless downlights), and trimless downlights is the most popular and most hot one in project lighting.

1. IC or “insulation contact” rated new construction housings are attached to the ceiling supports before the ceiling surface is installed. If the area above the ceiling is accessible these fixtures may also be installed from within the attic space. IC housings must be installed wherever insulation will be in direct contact with the housing.

2. Non-IC rated new construction housings are used in the same situations as the IC rated new construction housings, only they require that there be no contact with insulation and must be kept at least 3 inch (7.6 cm) away from insulation.

3. IC rated remodel housings are used in existing ceilings where insulation will be present and in contact with the fixture.

4. Non-IC rated remodel housings are used for existing ceilings where, ideally, no insulation is present. However, these also require that there be no contact with insulation and must be kept at least 3 inch (7.6 cm) away from insulation. Sloped-ceiling housings are available for both insulated and non-insulated ceilings that are vaulted.

5. The housing can also be "Air Tight", which means it will not allow air to escape into the ceiling or attic, thus reducing both heating and cooling costs.

A: What’s the size of Liteharbor recessed downlight?
Q: Liteharbor have several size recessed downlight for you to choose from.
3 inch recessed downlight, 3.5 inch recessed downlight, 4 inch recessed downlight, 5 inch recessed downlight, 6 inch recessed downlight, 8 inch recessed downlight and 10 inch recessed downlight.

A: What’s the application of Liteharbor recessed downlight?
Q: Liteharbor recessed downlight can be divided to residential recessed downlight, architectural recessed downlight, commercial recessed downlight, and can be used to residential, commercial ,retail, and hospitality application such as home lighting, office lighting, hotel lighting, conference room lighting, shop, restaurants and so on.

A: What’s the type of Liteharbor Recessed lighting trim?
Baffle Trims are the most common trims used in residential homes. The lamp sits recessed inside the trim to minimize glare, and the inside surface is ribbed to trap and shape the light.
Reflector Trims are similar to baffle trims except they have a smooth surface inside.
Open Trims are low profile and economical. They fit tight around the lamp which sits flush with the ceiling.
Eyeball Trims allow you to control the direction of the light. Their range of motion is typically 30° tilt and 359° rotation.
Gimbal Trims are similar to eyeballs except they pivot within the housing so they protrude less from the ceiling. Their range of motion is the same as the eyeball but at full range the trim may cut off part of the beam of a wide angle lamp.
Slot Aperture Trims are ideal for concealing the light source in the ceiling. Their range of motion is 35° tilt and 179° rotation.
Pinhole Trims provide a tight punch of light from a concealed source. The aperture fits snug around the lamp which is recessed above the surface.
Shower trims or Lensed Trims have a plastic or glass lens that covers the lamp and are most often used in wet locations.
Wall Wash Trims have an eyelid which eliminates the “scallop” design typically created when a light is aimed directly at a wall.

And Liteharbor has round trim and square trim for you to choose from.


A: What’s the Advantage of Liteharbor Recessed downlight?

Q: Liteharbor is professional in manufacturing recessed downlight with over 12-year experiences.
    Liteharbor is the leading factory of recessed downlight, competitive in quality and price.
    Liteharbor provide ODM & OEM.
    Liteharbor Provide the best and most timely pre-sales and after-sales service
    3 years limited warranty for Liteharbor residential recessed downlights, 5 years limited warranty for Liteharbor Commercial recessed downlights.

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